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Don't wait for Science to catch up to the truth - Mr1nf1n1ty

Welcome to my world.  

The Disrupting Fitness programs are each designed to reshape your mind and body - literally and figuratively.


The body should be built from the ground up, structurally balanced, flexible, agile, and pain free. 


The principles and movements in these programs are designed to challenge you to tap deep into your potential in order to maximize your  given abilities, keeping you at the top of your game indefinitely.

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⁃ My body feels great after working with Derek, I can’t wait to get back down to Florida and get some more work in after the season. I've been implementing these movements out here in Denver and am making sure our training staff utilizes them too!


Denver Nuggets Shooting Guard

The Disrupting Fitness movements keep me able to perform at elite levels globally. I love that I can do these programs literally from ANYWHERE and they have been life savers for keeping my body healthy. 


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⁃ Training with Derek really opened my eyes to my imbalances and my body feels amazing after only a few short weeks, jumping higher and running faster.  


Chicago Bulls Small Forward

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