Squat School Level 1

Welcome to Squat School

If you are anything like me and a lot of other people I’ve met, you never actually quite learned how to lift legs properly. 


For some reason it just never felt quite right, the way everyone around you was telling you how to do it.  I pretty much went my entire life doing my best to avoid lifting legs because my intuition always SCREAMED, THIS IS NOT RIGHT. 


The beauty in that is I never had any knee surgeries from improper training but did end up having severe knee pain (jumpers knee) from not having the strength and mobility to handle all the wear and tear from playing sports.

Squat school is created so you don’t have to travel the same road I went down and truly learn how to train your legs properly.  The principles and training you will learn in squat school will most likely go against a lot of what you’ve been taught but test assured “science has just not caught up with the truth”.

Benefits of Squat School


⁃ Learn how to build your body from the ground up, the way it was designed 


⁃ Learn what exactly is a VMO and the role it plays in your health, athleticism, and longevity 


⁃ How to do a proper squat


⁃ What is a split squat and how to perform properly 


⁃ Why going “knees over toes” is actually a good thing


⁃ How to properly use a VMO board


⁃ How to properly use a Nordic Strap


⁃ Why do Nordics


⁃ The best stretches for knee, hip, and ankle health


⁃ Get stronger, Faster, and more athletic 


⁃ Say goodbye to knee pain forever