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1nf1n1ty Flex Lvl.1

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The 1nf1n1ty Movements have allowed me to feel better in my 40s then at any other time in my life. A major component of keeping my mind and body supple and able to train with maximum effort and intensity is staying consistent with my flexibility circuit.

Below is a circuit of stretches with video instructions. These stretches may seem simple, but the importance and significance that these stretches have on your potential, body mechanics, athleticism, functionality, and overall well being is no short order and will allow you to PLAY FOREVER.


Let's begin by laying out some of the major benefits from stretching

8 Benefits of Stretching

⁃ Improved Range of Motion/Strength

⁃ Improved Sports Performance and Athleticism

⁃ Increased Blood Flow to Muscles

⁃ Creates Structural Balance

⁃ Helps to heal and prevent back pain

⁃ Corrects your Posture

⁃ Great for stress relief

⁃ Good for Calming the Mind

1) Plantar Fascia - 2 Minutes

  • Improves foot mobility

  • Strengthens arc and foot

2) Tibialis Stretch - 2 Minutes

  • Prevents shin splints

  • Creates Power in jumping and running

  • Prevents knee pain

3) Single-leg Calf Stretch - 90 Seconds Each Leg

  • Prevents ankle injuries

  • Stabilizes ankle

  • Protects achilles tendon

4) Elephant Walk - 60 Seconds

  • Targets hamstrings and glutes

  • Opens the posterior chain

5) Single Leg Pike Stretch- 90 Seconds Each Leg

  • Targets hamstrings and calves

6) Double Leg Pike Stretch- 60 Seconds

  • Targets hamstring and lower back

7) Piriformis or 90/90 - 2 Minutes Each Leg

  • Improves speed and jumping

  • Increases change of direction speed

8) Hip Flexor Stretch- 2 Minutes

  • Improves stride length

  • Decreases lower back pain

9) Couch Stretch- 2 Minutes Each Leg

  • Alleviates pain in your back, thighs and knees

  • Activates and strengthens your glutes and core

  • Increases overall agility

10) Frog/Frog Rock - 90/60 Seconds

  • Opens hip joints, which reduces strain on the knees

  • Improves abduction

  • Strengthens the lower back while opening hips

  • Helps digestion

11) Tailors Pose - 2 Minutes

  • Improves circulation in your pelvis

  • Widens the pelvic canal

  • Relaxes the muscles of the pelvic floor

12) Butcher Block - 90 Seconds

  • Opens up the shoulders

  • Improves overhead position

  • Increases standing reach

13) T-Stretch - 60 Seconds Each Leg

  • Upperbody mobility

  • Targets chest and shoulders

14) Cobra Stretch - 60 Seconds

  • Strengthens the spine

  • Opens heart and lungs

  • Tones the glutes/buttocks

  • Strengthens the chest

15) Dead Hang - 30 Seconds

  • Improves grip strength

  • Strengthens your entire upperbody

  • Alleviates pressure off your spine

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