5 Second Miracle

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

-5 seconds to learn, a lifetime to Master-

Those that truly follow me understand that fitness is only a very small byproduct of many of my internal beliefs. My life has been filled with extreme highs and extreme lows. The reason why I held on so tight to fitness and health is because no matter the chaos, poverty or trauma going on in my life at anytime, the 1 thing I knew I had 100% control over was my fitness.

The funny thing about life, it will keep presenting the same circumstances or situations to you over and over again until you become conscious (aware) enough to learn the lesson being presented and go on to the next level (Sounds like a game, huh?). The majority of people in this world (95%+) are at effect, and a very small percent are at cause over their life.

So, that brings me to “The 5-Second Miracle”

What is the 5-Second Miracle?

The 5 second miracle is taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Why do I call this a miracle? This is a miracle because it automatically takes you from victim to creator. This is the most impactful shift that will ever happen in your life. This is when you take FULL and absolute control over your reality, and no longer have the disease of “Mysticism”. The ones that have the 100% mindset are the creators of this reality (game we play) and the other 95% are at the effect of the creators.

This was one of the toughest pills for me to swallow, and everyday I have to take this pill. If someone cuts me off in traffic (I created it), someone cheats on me in a relationship (I created it), I get sick (I created it), I’m injured and fat (I created it), I hit the lottery (I created it), I meet the perfect person (I created it). No matter what happens or shows up on the screen of my life, I created it. Some will read this and not want to accept this and that’s fine, you will just belong to the 95% that play victim and will always have an excuse for yourself.

The ones that choose to experience this miracle and have this mindset embedded will begin to trace all effects back to their causes. This is where all the Magic (deep inner work) takes place. We go on the journey of making the unconscious conscious and become aware of how we are creating our reality at all times (health, wealth, relationships, fitness, business, etc). At this point we become aware of how powerful our beliefs, our words, the people we choose to surround ourselves with, the foods we consume, the music and things we listen to, the books we read, our habits and more are. The word I like to use is ‘Hyper Aware’.

After this miracle, you will no longer belong to the 95% of people that are living at effect, you will be part of the 5% that take 100% responsibility for their body, health, fitness, etc. You will understand from this day forward you can have, be, and do whatever you want because you are the creator and never the victim. Keep in mind this will be a lifelong journey of learning how to be a creator. You will fall many times, you will fail and look ridiculous to the following victims of society at times, you will not always fit in with the crowd, and you will get lessons after lessons, always sharpening yourself up as a creator.

How does this relate to fitness Mr1nf1n1ty?

Taking 100% responsibility for your life will ultimately benefit your health and athleticism because to learn to be the best creator possible your body and mind have to be in great shape. This journey is not for those with feeble and weak mind and body. Your body has to always be at peak condition so you can truly be the hyper aware being that ultimately can relax to the point of becoming unconsciously conscious.

♾ Mr1nf1n1ty

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