Healthology Vol. 1

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

(Just my with caution)


Healthology is going to be an ongoing journal of my thoughts on health, nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. Throughout my journey I’ve stumbled upon beliefs and ideas that are extremely unconventional and off the beaten path of what is traditionally thought of as health and healthy living. One thing I do know is what I have experienced and the results I am witnessing on myself and others that follow this pattern of thinking. If you have an open mind and are not opposed to a whole new way of thinking in terms of health, I’d love for you to follow Healthology and take this journey of exploration with me.


One question that I have gotten the most over the past 20 years of my life is “What do you eat?” This question always comes in the form of poking fun; real deep inquisition; or just wanting to get to know more about my lifestyle. I want to answer this question once and for all with hopes that this shines some light on my thoughts around food, diet, and nutrition.

I get this “what do you eat?” question so often that you’d think I’d have an auto-reply, nope. It is quite the opposite, I’m always at a loss for words because I truly don’t know ‘what I eat’. If I knew what I ate, that would mean I’m locked in a rigid belief system.

The person I am is constantly evolving, changing, growing, and developing into something new. I’ve learned to never allow myself to get locked into a belief system around food or anything for that matter. The truth of it is, ‘physical food’ is a very small factor in providing our bodies with the materials and energy required to do its daily work.

I was once easy prey for the propaganda machine who wanted to market all the fad diets, foods, supplements, or potions that promised to give the healthy, fit, and athletic physique. Overtime I saw so many come and go I realized that this is a big game I’m in, it cannot possibly be the foods/potions/supplements that are being marketed. This is when I had an epiphany, it is not so much about what I consume, it’s more about what I don’t consume.

I’m a firm believer that it’s more important what you don’t eat rather than what you do. I’m also a firm believer that ‘Less is More’ and the less strain you put on your body and internal organs the better it functions and operates. Life is lived from the inside:out, and the propaganda machine i.e. (MATRIX) we are plugged into wants us to believe it’s lived from the outside:in.

I’m highly aware that telling people “just eat less” is not very digestible, and that the economy wants no parts of that type of belief system spreading.

Stay tuned for Healthology Vol 2:

  • —-What not to eat?

  • —-What sustains the body and builds it?

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