Healthology Vol. 2

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Healthology Vol.1 covered that it’s more important what you don’t eat, rather than what you do. The primary reason for this is because a lot of what we consider food is simply not food.

A lot, if not all the things that are marketed and promoted are chemicals, drugs, and processed garbage, among other things that are not designed to be in a human body. The impact of consuming these foods have major, major consequences, just to name a few...

1. By consuming these chemicals, they start to sabotage our taste buds, enter our bloodstream, and we start to become addicted and chemically dependent to the garbage.

2. Consuming these non-foods puts excess strain on your organs, excess waste into your body, and alters your DNA. A huge reason why some individuals cannot achieve the body they desire, and work so hard for, is because of the consumption of the food never intended to be in the human body. The formulas of these foods and the formulas of our bodies do not match. A huge reason why our society is growing sicker, fatter, and more depressed each day has a lot to do with the processed food consumption.

3. Lastly, consuming these non-foods lower your vibrational frequency and numb us to the true nature of reality. We start to get comfortable, watch mindless TV, fall into the illusion of money and power, and get locked more and more into our ego self rather than our true self.

There are thousands of diets out today, why? The reason there is a new diet every week is because they don’t work. The reason they never work is because the focus is all about what to consume rather than what not to consume.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

Here is a list of things that have no place in a human body. This is just Level 1 of 4 of the list, I don’t want to overwhelm by giving them all at once and, just being aware is half the battle.

  1. Sugar - if the product has the word 'sugar' on the label do not eat’s a processed chemical

  2. Salt - if a product has 'salt' on the label, do not eat (Use Sea Salt instead)

  3. Artificial or Natural Flavors

  4. High Fructose Corn Syrup

  5. Dairy Products - unless you have access to pure raw milk from grass-fed cows

  6. Canned foods

  7. White Flour, white rice, white bread

  8. Shellfish

  9. Pork

  10. Cold Cuts - (Processed meats)

  11. Fruit Juices

Ok, this is Level 1 of 4.

I know this won’t be easy for most people and I’m aware in our society it is almost impossible not to partake in consuming these foods from time to time. The best thing you can do right now is just be aware.

In Healthology Vol. 3, I’ll go over Level 2 and talk about substitutions for some of these items. I’ll also go over the best way to overcome food addictions.

Stay tuned

Derek aka “Mr1nf1n1ty”

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