Mind/Body Connection

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

“The mind carves the body"

The year is 2020 and the term Mind/Body gets thrown around in the sports/fitness community without a concrete and substantial meaning. Only the top athletes and highest performers in life truly understand the deeper insights and gems.

I want to give a brief description of what it means to me and the importance of being aware of how interconnected the relationship is.

The correlations are infinite but I want to focus on the ones I personally believe most relevant to maximizing the Disrupting Fitness programs and truly turning yourself into a superhuman athlete.

1. Mindset
2. Proper Nutrition/Digestion
3. Awareness


Disrupting Fitness and the 1nf1n1ty Movements are more than a workout, it’s a mindset and a way of ‘being’. The one thing all the 'greats' and legends in the world have in common is we all know we are 100% responsible for our life. Having this 100% mindset allows us control of our lives and always puts us at cause. This mindset has allowed us to overcome conditions and challenges that would have meant devastation, disaster, or conformity for someone else. This mindset has been the genesis of many of the inventions and new exercises originated here at Disrupting Fitness.

In over 40+ years of life, I’ve noticed the highest performing athletes/people all have similar qualities that have allowed them to excel at their sport and in life. This list includes....

  • Insane Self-Belief

  • Mystical confidence

  • Transcendent Discipline

  • Supernatural Positivity

  • Ineffable Self-Awareness

  • Consciously Present in the Moment

  • Steadfast Determination

Without all these factors in place it doesn’t matter how much physical talent an athlete has, they will never succeed at the highest levels of their sport or life.

Proper Nutrition/Digestion-

Another factor I feel does not get enough attention, and in my opinion intentionally so, is the importance of having proper circulation, digestion, and balanced, fluidly working internal organs.

Our modern fast paced, fast food, stressed modes of living has created an epidemic of people with weak, poor, and less than efficient metabolisms and digestion which greatly impact your mindset, motivation, and willpower. When our bodies are clogged with toxins the mind becomes cloudy, thoughts less than positive, and the effects of this creates a less than desirable condition in life.

A body that is overrun with toxins is not capable of releasing ENDORPHINS “the feel good chemical” and we are forced to reach for our favorite ‘pick me up’ just to get through the day.

Personally when my mindset is off, have low energy, negative thoughts, low willpower, etc. I always turn the focus INWARD. Here are some of my practices to keep my insides sharp in order to keep my mind creative and positive.

  • Short Fast (24-48hrs) allowing my organs to rest and release excess toxins

  • Deep Breathing - Flooding the body with oxygen allows for your #1 nutrient, “VIT O” to get to work oxygenating the body for rejuvenation

  • Cut out all processed, artificial, starchy, allergenic, and other non-foods which put excess strain on your body/mind

  • Connect to Nature - Solfood

  • 15-20 minutes in the Sauna

  • Daily exercise/Sleds

  • Gratitude- ‘Shine your gold’


The last and in my opinion the most important is Awareness. Another huge concept that separates the average person to the Superhuman is the awareness that you have a body/mind rather than you are a body/mind.

This simple paradigm shift puts you in a different frequency, giving you a new appreciation for your most valuable possession.

“Having a Body/Mind mindset” gives you the keys to break free from the limitations in your mind. Once you truly understand that you can program your body/mind with the proper environment, disciplines, and instructions to create any desired result, there are virtually NO LIMITS to where you can go or BE!

Infinity and Beyond

Thank you for reading!

Derek aka “Mr1nf1n1ty”

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