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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

(Physical Body #1) - TO READ AFTER 'MR1NF1N1TY DIET'

I am the furthest thing from religious, and almost despise anyone that blindly follows any religious belief. I am someone that learns from everyone (ALL Religions) and observes to find the underlying thread that connects them. One underlying thread that connects all religions is that we are more than just flesh and bone (physical). All religions have a dogmatic word or term, but that is the universal truth.

What does this have to do with the Mr1nf1n1ty Way of Eating for the physical body?

In my opinion it has everything to do with it, and how we feed our bodies on every level. The greater part of our physical body (when broken down) is pure energy, pure light, pure spirit. If that is the greater part of us, why are we so concerned with feeding the lowest part of ourselves? Is it to keep mankind in its lower nature, lower self, ego form, to chase and go after low forms of energy? (promise this will all make sense soon...)

The normal way of living today domesticates individuals to keep them stuck in a 3D, materialistic, slow vibrating, fear based society in order to keep them easily controlled by money and greed. Operating from this lower self is the main cause of health issues, depression, suicide, obesity, and all forms of sickness.

I know people see me on IG as a fitness guy, workout guy, basketball guy, and that’s all well and good but it goes much deeper that what meets the eye. The reason I only release these articles to those that invest is because you are someone that saw more in me than just a physical body. I know you will be able to keep up and start to piece together what I’m saying to transmute your reality from a 3D view to a 5D view.


Ok, now that’s all out the way, how in the hell do you feed your physical body?

I truly want you to shift your focus from 'what do I eat', too 'what not to eat'.

If you just focused on eliminating all the toxic chemicals, starches, processed, artificial flavors, etc. out of your diet you would see a magical change in your body, awareness, and appearance. The far majority of the foods we consume are drugs designed to keep us addicted and sick. The main reason I’m in my 40s and able to move the way I do has zero to do with what I eat and 100% to do with what I don’t eat. As long as I get my Solfood, water, oxygen, meditation, and positive energy in place...I’m really good! There are some foods, drinks, concoctions, etc that I have fun with and sometimes add to my health experience (maybe). I will speak on those later.

I truly appreciate you signing up for this Blog and taking the time to read this...get ready! It is gonna be a magical ride as you make the transition and TRUST ME, you are right on time!

New Articles Dropping ASAP

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Derek aka “Mr1nf1n1ty”

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