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Power of Visualization

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

“The world is yourself pushed out”

Everyone at some point in their evolution comes to the realization what all great philosophers, stoics, and spiritual adepts come to realize, the world is lived from the inside-out. It may be this lifetime or for some it may take many incarnations, but at some point along the path, it’s inevitable.

“Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions ”

The exact premise holds true for your physical body. The majority of people are going about creating the healthiest version of themselves the long and arduous way. Higher Powers “THEY” want you to think the world is lived from outside-in so “THEY” can continue to sell you the latest equipment, latest creams and potions, surgeries, etc. The truth of the matter is when you start to see yourself how you want to be, everything you need in your external world will just “magically” show up. This is truly YOUR fairy tale.

I realize most people are so trapped in dogmatic religious beliefs that are set up to control and manipulate that even hearing this is sacrilegious.  If this is you, please forgive me, stop reading and go back to sleep.

If you are someone that wants to take 100% responsibility for their dream, let’s get to work.  One of the reasons I recommend writing down your goals daily, is to keep the image close in your mind.

“ALL is Mind, the universe is Mental”

As you keep the image close in mind, your outward reality will bring things, people, and circumstances to turn those goals into reality.  The more often you can visualize, feel, see, and imagine your ideal physical potential, the faster it will manifest. The perfect person, perfect book, perfect food, perfect quote, or whatever you need will show up with zero effort on your part. As long as you keep looking outward before going in, you will be just one of the 99% of people continuing to chase their tails.

Visualization is one of the Master Keys 🔑 to unlock your ultimate physical potential.

Actions Steps:

  1. Write your goals down daily

  2. Get a clear picture of your goals in mind

  3. Spend at least 1 min a day seeing and feeling your ultimate body and potential

  4. Take a deep breath and know it is your are just waiting on the illusion of time to catch up

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