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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Those that follow me on IG know that there is one activity they can find me doing faithfully day in and day out.

That activity is SLEDS! Whether it be pushing, pulling, dragging, or bounding, I’m consistently on the Sleds.

If I had to pick only 1 exercise to do for a lifetime, it would without a doubt be sleds. I am in my 40s with my playing career behind me, single father of 2 active sons, business owner, and founder of Disrupting Fitness, Mr1nf1n1ty University, the 1nf1n1ty Movements and inventor of the Nordic Strap.

With that being said, the Sleds allow me to be the most efficient with my time.

Incorporating Sleds is highly beneficial, a few of the benefits include:

  1. Conditioning your body without tearing it down

  2. Producing fresh blood flow and oxygen, pushing out toxins! A big reason why newbies or toxic individuals get something we call the #Sledflu ...toxins don’t go out happy

  3. Turns on Youthening Hormones...most recognized being HGH

  4. Strengthens your entire body from bottom to top...the way it was designed.

  5. Develops Explosiveness and first step quickness for your sport

  6. Is healing and therapeutic

  7. Challenges your mental toughness giving you greater ability to confront (Life, difficulties, inner upheavals)

  8. Many more....

Honestly, at this time my life is so busy that Sleds have became my sport. I do not do any cardio ever, rarely get a chance to play basketball, and have turned Sleds into a GAME. A few of the games I play that have seemed to give me all the previous mentioned benefits, shred body fat, and keep my mind/body sharp are...

*Few things to keep in mind:

- Our Sled Lanes are 20 meters down, 20 meters back

- When I say ‘trip’, I mean down and back meaning 1 trip

- Our empty Sled is 160lbs*

1. 20 MINUTE -E.M.O.M- (Each Minute on the Minute) Push Down/Pull Back

—I pick a weight with which I can really get a good stride (Full Extension) and go for 20 trips in 20 minutes. If I get down and back in 45 seconds, that means I get 15 seconds to rest before the next minute...I really focus on getting my knee to my chest and extending the opposite leg out, sometimes counting my steps down each time trying to get down with less steps each time.

2. 10 MIN- E.M.O.M. PUSH ONLY (1/2 Trip)

—Super Heavy Sled Drives! I Usually put my bodyweight or heavier on top of our sled and push to one side. If I get down in 30 seconds, that means I have 30 seconds to rest before driving back. Trust me, you will want those 30 seconds. I have actually worked my way up from 10 to 20 trips but for a novice I would start with 10 minutes.

3. Therapeutic KNEE Ability Routine (All Backwards Sleds)

—I literally set the time between 30-60 min and just go nonstop backwards sleds, really focused on my form, shoes off, and intentional with each step. This protocol has been miraculous for my knee health.

4. Sled Challenges (F*d up Fridays we call it)

Pushing Down/Pulling Back

—-Challenge #1: With your bodyweight on the Sled and 2 minutes on the Clock. The Goal is the Complete 3 trips in those 2 minutes—-

—-Challenge #2: With your bodyweight and a half on the Sled, the Goal is to make 2 trips in 60seconds.

I’m always playing different games with myself, challenging my mind and body for adaptation and mental strength. These are just a few of the games I play with the Sled.

Have fun on your way to your healthiest and most athletic self.

Derek aka “Mr1nf1n1ty”

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