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Structural Balance

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Want to increase performance?

Want to jump higher and run faster?

Want to have more agility and mobility?

Want to be pain and injury free?

Want to have quicker recovery time?

Structural Balance is the key to all these and more. One of the most overlooked aspects of training is structural balance. The main reasons for injury and decreased athleticism is due to poor body mechanics, misalignment, overuse, and improper training. Balance and symmetry applies to everything in the Universe and creating a symmetrical, balanced and aligned body is paramount to long term health.

As athletes and individuals we get very accustomed to doing what we are good at and staying away from what we are not. This habit applies to training, just as much as anything in life.

Personally, my entire life I was a 1-foot, right leg jumper, and in order to reach my maximum vertical height in jumping I always jumped the same way. Overtime this habit led me to severe hip imbalances, knee pain, one shoulder lower than the other, and overall body aches and pains virtually coming out of nowhere at times.

Luckily I found the error in my ways and want to share some of the habits and exercises that are not always fun, but have helped to restructure, rebalance, and give me back my health and athleticism.

All of these exercises and more will be further discussed and integrated in the Disrupting Fitness programs for you to follow and apply. In this article, I just want to share with you my top 10 exercises which you can do from home.

  1. Full Range of Motion Pushups

  2. Band Pull aparts

  3. 1nf1n1ty Step ups

  4. Split Squats

  5. Superman

  6. Seated SL raises

  7. SL toe raises

  8. Wall tibialis raises

  9. Bridge

  10. Hang

All these are exercises that can literally be done anywhere and everyday, giving you more and more balance, alignment, health and tone to your body.

Run, jump, and sports balance is the next level to structural balance that will be discussed in future articles.

Mr1nf1n1ty ♾

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